Sunday, 27 July 2014

Purple Pears?; Barry M Gelly - Prickly Pear

I do love a good Barry M polish and just recently I seem to have rediscovered my love for them. After eyeing it up for some time I finally got my hands on Prickly Pear, a lovely lavender colour. Yes. A purple. Called Prickly Pear. I'm a little confused by it but there is probably a good reason for the name. Either way I still love it. I love it so much that I wore it till it started to chip and then reapplied it and wore it for a bit longer.

Now, I'm not new to the Gelly polishes but every time I try a new colour out I'm always astounded by the glossiness of the polishes, without a lick of topcoat in sight. Sadly I can't go without top coat for fear of chips and wear so I ended up with super duper glossy nails. Prickly pear is a beautiful pale lavender creme. It's such a delicate looking colour and I'm a sucker for a pretty purple.
Here I have used two coats of Prickly Pear and a final coat of Sally Hansens Insta-Dri. Like all the Gelly's I've tried so far, Prickly Pear is lovely and opaque by the second coat and super shiny.
You can find Prickly Pear and all the other Gelly polishes at Boots and Superdrug.


  1. I have this colour but my nails ain't as fab as yours and Prickly pear is a purple colour I am sure in GAST ask your mum love mouse xxxxx

    1. Hi Mouse. It's such a lovely colour. I'll have to ask her about it :)