Sunday, 15 July 2012

Fozzie Bear; a bit of a nut

Some people say that their dog is their life companion, their best friend. Well my companion is a wee bit smaller than a dog, and just as special. Back in March big sister Jessica came home with a little bundle of fun in a box, later to be named Wesley. He was completely adorable and the tamest hamster I think I'd seen in my life. After losing a hamster previously just seven weeks after we brought him home, I'd been terrified of history repeating itself. Strangely Wesley kind of gave me the courage and the push I needed to search for another little companion. So on the 25th March we brought home the little bundle of ginger fluff that is Fozzie.

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Happy Tuesday...

Abigail Wiles Photography

A Mini Photo Album...Sort of?

After a long, rainy day of studying I finally got around to looking through this mornings shoot I did with my lovely friend, Jess. I have to say I'm rather pleased with the results. I'm currently doing my A2 Photography course on portrait photography, looking at the likes of Bailey and Gotts. Now obviously the photograph on the left isn't exactly your average black and white sixties shot, but instead I took inspiration from the make-up and lighting while adding my own twist.
For this shoot I decided to play around with back lighting Jess. It gives her an almost Goddess-like appearance don't you think? The golden glow around her red hair really makes it a stunning looking shot. Which is quite something coming from someone who usually can't stand her own work.

An Introduction

After a lot of debating I finally decided it was time I got a blog to publish my random thoughts to. I'll also be using this blog to post and talk about my photography work and maybe some art work as well. Feel free to leave me a comment and I hope you enjoy my posts.