Sunday, 15 July 2012

Fozzie Bear; a bit of a nut

Some people say that their dog is their life companion, their best friend. Well my companion is a wee bit smaller than a dog, and just as special. Back in March big sister Jessica came home with a little bundle of fun in a box, later to be named Wesley. He was completely adorable and the tamest hamster I think I'd seen in my life. After losing a hamster previously just seven weeks after we brought him home, I'd been terrified of history repeating itself. Strangely Wesley kind of gave me the courage and the push I needed to search for another little companion. So on the 25th March we brought home the little bundle of ginger fluff that is Fozzie.

Now before you look at these photographs and saw aw what a sweety, you've seen nothing. This little guy is like a puppy, not even joking. He runs around in the living room in his hamster ball, like any normal hamster (sort of) but if you move, he will follow you....everywhere! Even just sitting on the sofa he will sometimes fuss around our feet practically begging for attention. I've never had such a loving and perfect little companion and he's absolutely irreplaceable. Only a few weeks ago I had a taste of what it might be like if anything ever happened to him when he had an accident and banged his nose. Lets just say there was blood all over and I thought I was going to loose him. Put my little fighter was up and running like a mad hamster the very next night. 

So no, to the people who think I need  a more interesting pet, I don't think you could get much more interesting or exciting or completely adorable than my Fozzie Bear.

In other news...

So no news from the doctors yet. My doctor wants to see me again either this week or next, if only to chase up my counselling and get it sorted as soon as. Hopefully things will be getting better in the next few weeks.

For this summer, I've got my own little "summer project" to keep me and my brain busy. I've spoken to my mum about repainting my room. In my attempt to find ways to help with my problems I came across the idea of making your room somewhere that feels more positive and more comfortable. Therefore we've decided to repaint the walls a completely different colour to lighten and brighten the place up a bit.  My mum also suggested getting an off cut of carpet and re carpet as my room has had the same carpet since before Jessica was born, so it's quite old. The problem is, I have no idea what to do for colours. I really like the idea of maybe a pastel yellow colour and one other colour. I've decided on having three walls one colour and one another. I could really do with some opinions on this if anyone has any ideas. It would be greatly appreciated and incredibly useful to me as I'm a bit stuck at the minute.
Until next time...


  1. When my sons were teenagers they had a hamster who loved travelling around the house and yard in his ball. They are so cute! Now to your room. I think every so often we all need changes around us and re painting you room is a good way to do this. We have color different in all our rooms. 2 colors in each...2 walls in each color. I like the idea of one wall different...a focal point. That we did for our living room. Go for it. Choice colors that make you relax and smile.

  2. I love these pics of Fozzie. You know I love him dearly :)

    I like the colours you chose in the chart. Or the primrose and a lilac :)