Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Quack!; Models Own Speckled Egg - Duck

It feels like ages since my last post on here, it's just been so difficult to motivate myself to write up the text to go with the images. I have about four sets of different swatches ready to go but so far no actual posts to attach them to. Add in the ridiculous heat from the past few weeks and my continued downess and I'm left feeling a little stuck. Anyway, onto today's post; I have one of the Models Own Speckled Egg polishes. My mum and I searched high and low for these polishes and finally found them tucked away on a lone display stand in Superdrug. Being on 2 for £8 at the time we both decided to get two each. After much debate I went for Swan, the purple, and Duck, today's swatch.

If you're unfamiliar with the Speckled Eggs collection they are various pastel coloured polishes sheer enough to create a sandwich effect with the glitters being sandwiched between layers. They are basically design to resemble everyone's favourite Mini Eggs. Duck is a beautiful dusty pastel blue with matte black small and medium sized glitters. I used two coats here and then topped it off with matte topcoat to really give that Mini Egg effect.
As far as application goes I found this one to be a little tricky and somewhat of a pain. The formula was just a little to thick and gloopy for my liking making it difficult for thin even coats. With a bit of messing I managed to get it relatively smooth within two coats and the last coat of matte topcoat just helped to really smooth everything over.

You can find the Models Own Speckled Egg Collection at Boots and Superdrug.

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