Saturday, 2 August 2014

Barry M Summer 2014 Mattes; Rhossili

Every so often I come across a polish that isn't necessarily what I would normally wear but completely fall in love with. This was definitely the case with Rhossili, one of the new summer mattes from Barry M. I will mention, this one was an absolute pig to photograph and kind of drove me up the wall. Also read to the end for a bonus picture ;)
I absolutely love this colour. It's such a unique colour and is one of the few pink shades that works with my skin tone. I would probably describe it being like a berry pink, like a pink with a slightly deep purple tone to it. It's super pigmented and takes a little extra work to remove due to all that lovely colour. As I said, I couldn't seem to capture the colour properly so I would say the colour is a little deeper in person, not quite as fushia. Like Copacobana the matte effect has a slight sheen to it.
Somehow the second image for this post seems to have captured the colour much better than the first, to my surprise. I used two coats for this with no top coat, leaving the matte effect to show through in all it's glory.

You can find Rhossili along with all the other Barry M Mattes at Boots and Superdrug.

P.S. Here's a bonus shot of Meeko pausing for a wash in his tunnel :)

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  1. fab colour .. try taking it against a black background .... sometimes it makes the colours pop better and awwwww meeko :) love mouse xxxxxx