Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Spring has Sprung

So it's been over a week since my return post and, I know, I stated that I would be back with more posts and hopefully with more consistency. Over a week later I'm finally here with a second post. (Once again, bad, bad blogger) Regardless I've finally figured out what this post would be a couple of days ago whilst out in amongst nature with my camera. If you've seen some of my older posts you'll know that I enjoy photography a great deal however to say my inspiration had run dry over the past few months would be a serious understatement. I seemed to be going out with camera in tow, only to find that nothing caught my interest and I would return home with very little to show for my little adventure. However these past few weeks seem to have seen the very slow return of inspiration and so I've felt more inclined to take my camera out with me on my daily walks with my mum. So I guess what I'm trying to say with this incredibly long story is that I have some photographs to bring to you today.

Adventures with Wildlife

Do you remember childhood days feeding the ducks with your family without a care or worry in the world? I kind of yearn for those days again. There's just something so innocent and wonderful about feeding the ducks. My mum and I have started heading down to the beautiful lake here where we live with a bag of bread and spending time with the locals. By locals of course I mean the resident ducks, geese and rather majestic looking swans. They're such funny little characters and certainly enjoy their bread. They don't however enjoy each others company so much, made apparent by the squawking and fighting that seems to happen when one gang enters the vicinity of an enemy group. They're terribly violent with each other at times, but hey, circle of life and all that. My mum has taken quite a shine to a beautiful lone black swan that seems to squeak every time you offer it a piece of bread. I personally have developed a soft spot for one of the geese with quite a unique colouring. He likes to stand on my feet and stare up at me longingly waiting for me to drop some bread. This can be quite the problem when I'm trying to walk along as I have often nearly ended up on my nose end having tripped over a greedy goose. 

On Monday after our little jaunt to see the inhabitants of the lake we took a walk down to a little stream that actually runs from the lake down to the sea, upon which a kingfisher has been recently spotted. Now, to spot a kingfisher would be such an amazing thing for me as I adore them and have never actually see one before. We didn't have any luck with spotting kingfishers sady, however, we did happen to spot a couple of water voles. I've heard that they're quite difficult to spot due to their shy nature and most of the few that we saw were scurrying back into their burrows or into the tall grass. Amazingly, I happened to spot one across the other side of the stream apparently sunning itself or quite possibly keeping a beady eye on use to make sure we weren't a predator. Either way I managed to get a shot of it before it very slowly shuffled into the water and swam off.
As for other wildlife I've spotted the past few weeks there certainly isn't a shortage of pigeons about, but I found this one to look to sweet sat among the blossoms watching it's mate prancing around over on a separate branch. So of course I had to capture it's charming little face on camera.

Naturally, when my mum heard the sound of robin song she immediately paused to locate it's origin. Robin's being her, and my, favourite bird, it's always such a treat to see them dancing around in the trees showing off to any passing stranger willing the watch. He was a little difficult to snap, being quite far away and hiding behind all the branches of the tree but I got there eventually and managed a decent photograph.

I'm feeling like Spring has most certainly arrived with regards to the wildlife and flora. Take a look at the little lamb for instance. I honestly didn't realise that it was already lamb season so when I spotted this little fellow with his brothers and sisters frolicking in a field I was most surprised. The daffodils are also in full bloom filling the world with some much needed colour. Don't get me wrong, I adore Winter (it's my favourite season along with Autumn) there's just something about the fresh colours of spring that brings a much needed smile to my face and seems to wake me up a little after cold days that have passed.

I had a few more snaps I was going to share in this post but, as usual, I have rambled on far too much. So I'll say thank you and congratulations to anyone that has actually made it this far and not fallen asleep or just gotten bored. I think my next post will be a little different to this one as I have some nail polishes to rave about that I've recently purchased. Also if anyone wants more of the photographs, I'm sure I'll have plenty more to come in the future once my muse fully returns. 

Until then....

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