Saturday, 29 March 2014

Something Different; Barry M Silk Nail Effects: Mist

So far here in my little pocket of Wonderland I've stuck very much to posting my photographs and rambling about the goings on in my life. I had the idea last year to also use my blog as a way of talking about different things such as my rather large collection of nail polishes, music and films I love or books I have particularly enjoyed. It's quite obviously taken me a while to put my plan into action but it's better late than never. So I thought to kicks things off I would rave about a nail polish I bought I few weeks back.
Barry M Silk Effect in Mist
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I bring to you one of the new Barry M collections; Silk Effects. Now I am in no way a nail blogger and am useless at taking swatch pictures but I just had to talk about these. The colour I have swatched today is called Mist and is a beautiful pastel blue. I find the finish to be quite unique in my collection as I wouldn't really call it a frost as the application is so much easier than your usual frosts and it just doesn't have the look of a frost. What makes them unique to me is that they dry, not so much to a matte finish, but more to a semi-matte due to the slight sheen. They do have a very silky look to them. Each colour has the same shimmery semi-matte finish just with different, very spring inspired colours.

Barry M Silk Effect in Mist
The shimmer isn't too heavy and works really well with the semi-matte finish. Application wise I had a little trouble getting used to them but I think that's just down to me and my lack of application skills. They apply like a dream, going on the nail smoothly and mostly evenly. They do require a couple of coats as they're a little on the sheer side for just one coat. I used three for Mist and also for Heather, which I will be swatching soon. I have five of the sixs colours in Truffle, a pastel taupy brown, Pearl, a soft white, Heather, a lavender, Mist, the above pastel sky blue, and Meadow, a gorgeous pastel spring green. The colour I don't own is Blossom which is a shimmery pastel pink. I'm really impressed with Barry M for this collection. Personally I love Barry M nail polish due to the wide variety of colours and finishes as well as the nice low price tag, but this collection really caught my eye and didn't disappoint. I think it's the unique finish and a new twist on the usual pastel polishes that seem to pop up every Spring that really grabbed my attention. That and I'm a sucker for anything shimmery.

So there you go, my first nail polish review/swatch post. I realise there is a lack of pictures but I'm still trying to work out the best way of photographing the colours accurately. I've tried tweaking the colours of the nails every so slightly in Photoshop just so they look more true to the colour actually on my nail in person but other than that these are fresh from my camera. For these I basically hung over the banister on the stairs and took them underneath the halogen bulbs in the hallway. Perhaps not the most conventional way of photographing nail swatches but I think it worked out ok. I'd appreciate any feedback on the photographs. Also if you've tried any of the Silks let me know how you got on with them. Like I said earlier, I'll hopefully get Heather swatched soon as I am currently wearing it and then with any luck I'll get swatches of the rest of them as I wear them.

Until then....