Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Barry M Limited Edition; Promenade

Once again Barry M has released a set of Limited Edition polishes. Two of the colours are exclusive to Superdrug and two to Boots. Today I'm bringing you Promenade, one the shades from Superdrug.

 Promenade is a beautiful bright pink jelly kind of formula with a lovely light shimmer running through it. I find that although the pink is lovely and bright, there is softness to the shade which I find to be easier to wear on me than a straight neon.
 I used two coats here but a third wouldn't have gone amiss and would have just solidified the colour a touch more. I also used Sally Hansens Quick Dry Top Coat for extra shininess.
I wore Promenade for about 5 days altogether and other than a little bit of wear at the tip of my nails it lasted perfectly. So far I only have one of the limited edition shade as I just couldn't decide which others to get. Hopefully I'll pick up some more before they disappear. I keep looking at swatches of Carousel and wish I'd bought it too but, hey ho, I'll go back for it one day.

You can find Promenade at Superdrug as well as a second limited edition shade.
You can also find two other limited edition shades at Boots.

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