Saturday, 21 June 2014

A Firm Favourite; China Glaze Fast Track

The other week I was having a hard time choosing a nail polish to wear and I, once again, found myself going back to one of my all time favourite polishes; Fast Track from China Glaze. I remember back when this one came out as part of their Capitol Colours collection for The Hunger Games and I completely fell in love with the whole collection. Fast Track was one of those ones that didn't really catch my eye particularly in the promotional images but then I started seeing swatches and I fell in love.
Fast track is a taupey-beige colour packed beautiful gold glass flecks running through it. There's something so stunning about this combination that makes my heart sing a little.
I find Fast Track to be a little on the thicker side compared to most polishes but you can counter this my simply applying thinner coats. Here I have used three thin coats for maximum opacity and super fancy gold shininess. I then finished off with a lick of Sally Hansen Fast Drying Top Coat.

You can find China Glaze at or instore at any Sally's.

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