Monday, 26 May 2014

The Chronicles of Duck Feeding; Photography

It's been such a long time since I last posted some photographs, it makes me somewhat sad. My parents and I took a trip last week to Bempton to see the sea birds on the cliff side with my new 300ml lens in tow. I think in the end I had about 200 pictures to show for our little journey. It was only when I checked through them the other day that I realised most pictures were completely out of focus. I spoke to my Dad about it, showing him the photographs and we both agreed that something wasn't right with the lens. So naturally we're returning it tomorrow in the hope that we can swap it; fingers crossed! So instead of some glorious puffins I bring you another chapter in my mum and I's Mere visits. Follow the jump for more...

It was a lovely day yesterday with some lovely sunshine but to make things even better, a very angry looking sky. So of course I had to get the above shot. I loved the colour version but something about the black and white looked really striking.
Down at the Mere there's quite a number of babies pottering about with their parents. When I say babies I mean ducklings and goslings. A few people we've spoken to have also mentioned seeing signets but we haven't been lucky enough to see them just yet. About a month back we first came across a mother duck with 14 tiny ducklings. Over the course of this past month I've watched them grow and it's been such an amazing thing to get to see. Their now about as big as their mum but still cuddle up together like they're still little tiny babies.
I just couldn't make this post without introducing you to my favourite thing about the Mere. I've fondly nicknamed him Buddy simply because it was what I kept calling him whenever I saw him. He's the sweetest goose I've ever come across and I think we've formed a little friendship thanks to my providing him with a bit of bread and having little chats with him (I'm not insane, I'm just an animal lover).

He takes bread out of my hand, lets me stroke his chest (briefly), and basically gets right in my face to say hi. So many people visit the Mere but I don't think a lot really stop to say hi to the animals that make the lake their home. I hear a lot of people saying to children not to go near them, their vicious and will bite. All I can say to that really is if you treat them with respect and kindness then they'll do the same. Don't let your kids chase and scare them.
Naturally the last picture for today will be of a sleepy Buddy just before he tucked his head away under his wing. 
I'm doing well at the moment with writing up posts. I've currently got about 4 or 5 saved that just need posting as and when I want to so keep your eye out for those. I'm also going back down to the Mere today to see if I can spot a new inhabitant who, from what I've heard, is quite a rare breed of duck so hopefully I can get some decent pictures to share.

Until then....

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