Friday, 11 April 2014

The Final Three: Barry M Silk Effects; Truffle, Meadow & Pearl

I feel like I haven't posted here for ages somehow and yet, funnily enough, I think it was only a few days ago. Perhaps it's because everything I've posted in the past week and a half has been drafted up in advanced. Anyways, I'm back again with the final three Barry M Silk Effects from my collection. Today I'm bringing you Truffle, Meadow and Pearl. I must say I liked these shades more than I anticipated. I was a little skeptical about Pearl, the white of the collection, and when I started applying Truffle, a pale brown/tan colour, I wondered if I had made a mistake. Read on to see how pleasantly surprised I was...
As always with these silks the application was lovely. Quite sheer on the first coat but on the second they became much more opaque. I used three coats for each nail polish, just to be on the safe side, and then left them clean of any top coat to allow the silk finish to show through.


Meadow is a gorgeous pastel spring green. I feel like this colour just screams spring. It's such a soft shade but in an odd way it really pops against the skin. 


Truffle was the shade I was most excited about to be honest. Ever since I first tried China Glaze's Fast Track from their Hunger Games collection I'm fallen love with soft brown shades. I'm not talking about full on chocolate brown but I mean soft, kind of pastely browns. I don't really know how to describe it but I love them. When I started to apply Truffle I was worried that I wasn't going to like it as much as I had hoped and my high expectations were going to be shattered. However once I was done applying it and it has dried, of course, I was in love. Obviously it's nothing like Fast Track (I never said it was) but I still really liked it. It's one of those grown up shades that makes you feel like a lady.


Pearl is the white of the collection. I originally wasn't going to pick this one up as I find whites to be too stark and just too white on me if that makes any sense. However after my friend, Lucy was wearing it when we went out shopping the other week I fell in love with it. There's something about the shimmer in it that helps to tone down the brightness of the white, making it more wearable for everyday. 

I'd also just like to remind people that I didn't pick up Blossom, the pink shade, as I don't really tend to wear pinks. However the more I look at it in Boots and Superdrug the more I find myself wanting to try it. Maybe one day I will grab it but for now I'll stick to the 5 I have.

I need to spend some time filling up my drafts again. I had three posts saved ready to be uploaded and had planned on adding to my drafts every now and then so that I always had something ready to post when I wanted it. Then my sister came home from University for Easter and of course I've ended up spending most of my time with her. We don't see each other for three months usually so when she comes home at the holidays we end up spending a lot of time playing video games together. We started on Borderlands at the weekend and I finally plucked up the courage to play Bioshock myself. There has been some colourful language is all I'll say on the matter but I'm having a lot of fun with it. Meanwhile in between the gaming sessions I'll start to fill up on drafts again, I promise.

Speaking of, I've already got the photographs taken for my next post, and my god is it a good one! Check back in a few days for that. Seriously you're going to want to see it. It's one of the most amazing polishes in my collection!

Until then....

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